A fine bar screen is solid-liquid separation equipment that can continuously remove impurities in fluids. It is indispensable special equipment in the production process of urban sewage treatment, water plants, power plant water inlets, textiles, food processing, papermaking, leather, and other industries, it is solid-liquid screening equipment commonly used.

Use of Fine Bar Screen

Install the fine bar screen in the water channel at 35 ° to the horizontal plane. The sewage flows into the drum from the end of the drum, and the water flow out through the cracks of the grid. The solid waste is filtered in the grid basket. The cleaning arm is equipped with rake teeth. Clean the gap of the fine bar screen during circular motion, and the rake teeth extend into the grid to take out the solid. It is different from the internal inflow fine bar screen. When the cleaning arm is at highest point, the rubbish is removed from the rake teeth through the washing of water and the effect of the slag baffle plate, And it falls into the spiral conveying bucket of the rubbish collection device. During the transportation process, it is dehydrated by the effect of variable pitch, and squeezed dry in the uppermost compression zone, while the squeezed water is returned to the drain, and the garbage is finally sent to the container or subsequent for processing.