Rotary drum fine screen is widely applied for wastewater treatment project such as urban wastewater, industry wastewater, food process industry, paper industry and so on. This equipment can clean scum, short fiber, and suspended matter from the water intake, and then discharge them after pressing. It can be used for wastewater treatment engineering such as high precision process, small screen gap and low depth of channel.

Working Principle

The Rotary Drum Fine screen has four function such as intercepting dregs, getting rid of dregs, spiral lifting and pressing dewatering. It is mounted in the channel with the angle of 35°, and the wastewater flows into the drum from port of drum, and grid can intercept the dregs. Then the drum rotates at a fixed speed, and the nylon brush and flush water spray nozzle above the drum can get rid of dregs and export them through spiral lifting. The dewatered and pressed dreg will be delivered to the container or the transportation equipment. The whole process is clear and on smell.